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Welcome to Pollen DeFi

Pollen DeFi is a unique and innovative decentralised finance protocol. The community manages crypto asset portfolios and associated indexes together as a team.

A multi-trillion dollar market needs a truly decentralised asset management ecosystem providing equal access and financial opportunity to all. Traders build reputation to top the leaderboard and…




PLN/AVAX Liquidity will be added to TraderJoe and the $PLN token contract address will be publicly announced between 14:15 UTC and 14:30 UTC.

Public claims and private distribution will commence at 14:30 UTC.

Only use the contract shared on our Twitter

The Next Generation of Portfolio Management Platforms and Asset Pool Tokens.

At Pollen we’ve built something entirely new for the future of crypto asset management. Our platform will let you, our community, use your collective intelligence and experience in cryptocurrencies to create and manage asset pool tokens. The asset pool tokens will be backed one to one by tokens held in the portfolio.

As we’ve just come out of stealth mode (and we’ll tell you why that is shortly) you may be new around here, so we’ve certainly got lots to fill you in on.

Keep reading and in the next couple of minutes we’ll tell you everything you need to know to…

We’re excited to inform you that we’ll be one of Pangolin’s launch partners for their new service, the Superfarm.

So what does this actually mean?

Pangolin are stepping up their game within the yield farming related area of the Avalanche ecosystem. Their new version of yield farming enables farmers to earn $PNG whilst simultaneously earning other tokens.

Stake $PLN and $WAVAX into the farm and you will earn…

Let’s go!

It’s a contest — with massive rewards

When you use the beta, take it seriously. Why? Because the top 100 leaderboard positions will pay out handsome PLN rewards. Details in the table below, but the total prize pool is 250,000 PLN tokens. The number one spot takes home 50,000 PLN tokens.

Pollen DeFi

Pollen DeFi is a first of its kind decentralised, next-gen index platform. The hive-mind manages asset pool tokens together. Welcome to DeFi 2.0.

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