By Team Pollen

Pollen is a DAO Platform and asset management protocol

Pollen introduces two game changing new assets to the ecosystem: the Portfolio Asset Index token (PAI) and the POLLEN Governance token.


The recent explosion of governance models within the DeFi ecosystem didn’t come without challenges.

Extreme hyperinflation in some token economies saw some projects emit their entire governance token supply within weeks, distributions that concentrated voting power among a handful of actors were commonplace, and governance functions tended to be limited at best.

Pollen’s POLLEN governance model addresses these issues, focusing heavily on developing community participation incentives…

By Team Pollen

Pollen is the first fully decentralized asset management protocol, decentralizing DAO governance and asset order fulfillment.

Pollen is also a DAO platform. Its platform capabilities allow us to deploy a custom governance model and allows others to launch their own asset indexes.

This article tasks a deep dive into all the components that allow Pollen to fully decentralize asset management.

Reputation and Governance Token Rewards

Pollen has a meritocratic consensus layer that puts the community in control. The protocol tracks the performance of community members and assigns reputation accordingly.

Pollen’s governance token is used to vote on…

By Team Pollen

One of the greatest challenges faced by DAO governance is voter apathy; lack of token holder turnout. This creates a centralization risk and impacts the most vibrant of decentralized organizations including the famously active MakerDAO community.

This article details how Pollen solves voter apathy not only by rewarding participants through merit based voting rewards but also through Pollen’s ‘Collective Delegation’ model.

As Pollen can identify governance users with the best decision making performance, our governance model encourages other users to delegate their voting rights to them.

The Collective Delegation model maintains a dynamic pool of the best…

Hey there Pollenators!

Need help navigating our Alpha? Follow this simple guide to try out all of the current functionality. If you need any more help please hit us up on Telegram or Discord.


  1. Alpha site — this is where you can access the Alpha version of the Pollen DAO dapp
  2. STEM token contract — this is where you can add the STEM token to your MetaMask account
  3. Ropsten ETH Faucet1 and Faucet2 — this is where you can get some free testnet ETH to cover gas fees for any transactions
  4. MetaMask — this is the browser extension you need…

By Team Pollen

Pollen fully decentralizes DAO governance, this article explains how Pollen decentralizes asset order fulfillment creating an inclusionary and open model.

There are three stages in the asset order and fulfillment process i) create a proposal ii) vote on a proposal iii) execute the order fulfillment of a proposal.

Each stage can be actioned by different actors. Orders for approved proposals can be fulfilled by individual DAO members or on Uniswap with a DAO member executing in return for STEM proposal execution rewards.

By removing the need for members to hold a particular asset we ensure that proposals…

by Team Pollen

DeFi is evolving. This article gives a detailed introduction to Pollen and the STEM governance model, to explain why it matters and what it means for the upcoming Pollen launch.


DeFi is about user participation.

Pollen’s objective is to create a participatory asset governance model that offers high yield and creates a less volatile asset in the process.

Pollen not only provides a safer way to participate in DeFi, but by leveraging a merit-based governance model, it removes asymmetries and puts users in control.

STEM is the DNA of Pollen’s governance architecture. It centers governance functions…

By Verrien

Pollen is optimized to outperform the market and to provide higher, more sustainable returns than currently available in DeFi. Moreover, Pollen’s STEM governance protocol is designed to fully decentralize the process through meritocratic decision validation and community control.

Pollen DeFi
Pollen DeFi


DeFi has now entered a transformative stage as next-generation and incumbents alike shift focus to developing protocols that are not only sustainable and user centric but also start to tackle the core challenges of decentralization.

Pollen is a next-gen DeFi protocol that provides sustainable yield, liquidity provision, and better asset management. But it is much more than this.

As Pollen…

by Team Pollen

The DeFi ecosystem is a rapidly evolving hotbed of innovation which has forced the world to sit up and pay attention.

This article gives a detailed introduction to Pollen and its place in the DeFi 2.0 movement which is poised to propel DeFi forward.


Pollen DAO is a fully decentralized portfolio management protocol, enabling the creation and distribution of low volatility Defi index tokens, whilst also utilizing the reserve pool to distribute yield amongst DAO members.

It leverages a meritoric and participatory governance model and incentives designed to decouple from the market to create a less…

by Nick Almond

The DeFi space has introduced something that has previously only been within the domain of centralised financial entities, yield.

Not only do cryptocurrencies accrue in value due to adoption and the realisation of their respective use cases, but they can now, thanks to DeFi, generate value beyond their base underlying asset value.

This isn’t entirely new. Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies have played with emission schedules that have generated yield for holders, by rewarding them for participating in protocol level validation of block production on the network. This however, typically requires a reasonable amount of technical knowledge…

Pollen DAO is a fully decentralized portfolio management protocol, enabling the creation and distribution of low volatility Defi index tokens, whilst also utilizing the reserve pool to distribute yield amongst DAO members.


Pollen is a DAO, a liquidity provider and an asset index. The objective of Pollen is to create a non-volatile asset, better suited to DeFi with governance and incentives protocols designed to decouple from the market, a primitive on which to build new services.

Delegated voting means that users can passively participate, focusing on participating in DeFi away from noisy markets, perfectly aligned incentives mean that Pollen…


Pollen is a DAO Platform and fully decentralized portfolio management protocol.

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